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After care

After care guide

The next 24hours DO NOT
•expose eyelashes to water
•rub, tug or play with them
•don't apply any cosmetics  

After 24hours
•wash them daily with oil free products

How to clean your eyelash extensions 

•warm water and using your ring finger gently massage product along the lash line, then rinse.
•pat dry the skin around the lashes and let lashes air dry.
•once dry use a disposable mascara to gently separate the extension.
•don't worry if you see 1-2 lashes fallen out. We normally loose 1-5 natural lashes every day without noticing. 

Don't use regular mascara 

Avoid extreme heat such as sauna 

 Schedule your infill appointment every 
3-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking fabulous!!

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